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We offer all the business banking services that you'll find at the larger banks. We take pride in helping local business thrive in the present and plan for the future.

business checking

we help businesses, well, like nobody’s business.

As a business owner, you enjoy the challenges you face growing or maintaining your business and we enjoy making your day-to-day operations easier. So come talk to an expert Banker about our options for business checking accounts and together we can find the features that are most beneficial to you. As you face new challenges, let us continue to help with the right account or product to get the job done.

Here’s an overview of our Business Account Options: Click here for the printable version

minimum balance* monthly minimum balance fee* pays interest rates monthly transaction limitations** statement
small business exclusively for businesses with low volume transactions n/a n/a n/a n/a 75 debits/credits 175 deposited items additional items $.15/item eStatement monthly
regular business for businesses with moderate volume transactions $5,000 $10.00 n/a n/a 150 debits/credits 350 deposited items additional items $.15/item monthly
firstrate business our interest bearing business account $10,000 $10.00 variable 250 debits/credits 750 deposited items additional items $.15/item monthly
analyzed utilize business balances to off-set service charge n/a varies based on activity & balance earnings credit n/a all activity subject to analysis monthly
  • * Minimum balance fee will be waived for daily balances maintained over minimum requirement.

  • ** “items” include check paid, ACH debits and credits, deposits and deposited items

we’re here to support local businesses

As a community bank, we want to see our community thrive. One of the ways we support our community is by giving back to local non-profit organizations through donations and sponsorships.

Business Savings

you have a business plan, we have business pros.

At bankcda, we’re pretty serious about advancing the livelihood of local businesses, as healthy commerce uplifts the entire community. A savings account for your business provides you with more cash flow flexibility as you grow and succeed, and enables you to save up for the right things.

Here’s an overview of our Business Savings & CDs Options: Click here for the printable version

minimum balance* monthly minimum balance fee* pays interest rates monthly transaction limitations** statement
business our traditional savings account $250 $1.00/month variable 6 withdrawals eStatement Quarterly
firstrate business money market allows higher interest to be earned on tiered balances while allowing access to your funds $5,000 $9.00 variable 6 withdrawals monthly
business sweep sweep funds in excess of your chosen target balance to an interest bearing account available with analyzed checking only n/a $5.00 (service charge) variable n/a monthly
certificate of deposit terms 90 days to 5 years n/a n/a fixed penalty for early withdrawal online only
  • * Minimum balance fee will be waived for daily balances maintained over minimum requirement.

  • ** You make no more than six preauthorized withdrawals, automatic or telephonic transfers, checks, drafts and debit card or other similar transactions from the account per month or statement cycle. Money Market and savings account holders may make unlimited withdrawals or transfers from the account if they are conducted in person, by mail or via ATM.

business services

for your business, at your service.

There’s a good chance we've driven by, stopped in, or read about your business. And to say there’s a lot on your plate is probably an understatement, so we’d love to get to know about your business from the inside and deliver all the services that will keep you humming along. We offer both traditional and innovative banking services that can make your day a lot more manageable, so let us know what you need and we will let you know how we can help.

Here’s an overview of our Business Solutions:


Our scope of online banking services deliver the convenience you demand, as we do what we can to accommodate your busy work schedule.

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merchant services

bankcda offers an easy and efficient way to accept cards through Select Bankcard. Contact a Personal Banking Officer for more information.

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credit card programs

bankcda offers business and consumer credit card options to meet your needs.

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cashiers checks

At times your business operations requires the delivery of guaranteed funds, in the form of a check, for immediate use, we can make that happen.


If your business needs to move funds quickly and safely we have the ability to send and receive domestic and international wires.


As an added benefit for our bankcda customers, we maintain notaries on staff when you need an official review and stamp regarding essential documents.

safe deposit box

bankcda offers a range of safe deposit box sizes to house valuable documents and items at one of our branch locations.

courier services

bankcda offers a licensed, bonded courier service to pick up deposits for qualifying accounts. Eliminate daily trips to the bank, let our courier pick-up or deliver time- sensitive information and non-cash deposits for you.

tax payments

We provide a link to the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System website – it’s a free tax payment service of the U.S. Department of the Treasury that enables you to use any bankcda account to securely pay your business taxes.

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ACH origination

Through our Business Online product we offer ACH Origination access for payroll, or vendor payments and billing.

Small Business Loans

bankcda is a designated Preferred Lender with the U.S. Small Business Administration. What that means is we can process your loans more quickly and efficiently.

bankcda small business loans

Protecting Your Online Accounts

Boise, Idaho… As financial technology has evolved, it has given consumers the ability to shop, save, and invest online using their phones, tablets, and computers. These modern financial conveniences, however, come with risk. “As we all conduct more transactions online, we need to raise our awareness to help protect our financial information”, said Patricia Perkins, Director of the Idaho Department of Finance.

protecting your online accounts - idaho department of finance